The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Resource Three: Capital

Assets that can be or will be used to create further assets are called capital. The number one export of the United Kingdom is capital, also known as machines and equipment. This does not suggest that the country has the best capital in the world by any stretch of the imagination but one cannot deny that being able to export so much capital to so many countries does speak wonders for the capital the United Kingdom must have. This would be a round about way to measure the capital of the United Kingdom but in no way is this convincing enough for an entrepreneur to want to bring their business to the United Kingdom on a capital stand point.  Capital deals with the resources a country has that can be used to build assets such as cars, weapons, and computer technology.

In order to get a better understanding one must look at what the largest industries of the country are. As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, according to the CIA fact-book the best industries in the U.K. are: "machine tools, electric power equipment, automation equipment, railroad equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, electronics and communications equipment..." This suggests that the United Kingdom is a country that produces machinery for other countries to use. In essence, the best industry for the United Kingdom is creating capital and selling it to other countries. Machine tools, electric power equipment, railroad equipment, all of these things boil down to raw materials. For any entrepreneur wondering if the United Kingdom has the capital to support their business, look no further than the top export of the country and the top industries of the country.

All of this translates to the 7th highest GDP in the world and an average household income of $34,800 (measured in U.S. dollars). This is 35th in the world according to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. 18% of the country's work force still creates capital for a living, meaning that other countries are still purchasing capital from the United Kingdom. Though 80% of the labor force has shifted to selling goods and services one in five people builds capital in the United Kingdom. Surely, with this evidence it is very hard to overlook the United Kingdom as far as capital goes. The top export as stated above is capital and almost 20% of the work force creates capital for a living. Machines that make machines. This is what the United Kingdom specializes in.