The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Trade in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom trades goods and services with many countries. Some of their top trading partners include many other powerful countries such as: Germany, The United States of America, China, India, Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain, and many others. Trade is very beneficial for a country like The Untied Kingdom. Because the U.K. is "blessed" with such a small island to call a country there are many things that the U.K. cannot produce for themselves. Both the fact that the United Kingdom is water locked and the fact that they have so little space have in impact on what they can produce for themselves. Because they do not have a lot of land to produce some of the goods that the citizens of the United Kingdom require they have to import it. Of course there are also things that the United Kingdom has access to that others want. This final section of the website will look at what resources the United Kingdom imports and what resources the United Kingdom exports to the rest of the world.

The number one trading partner of the United Kingdom is Germany. Germany is the number one trading partner with the United Kingdom mostly because geographical location. The distance between Berlin, Germany and London is 577 miles. This according to Google's distance calculator. The 577 miles that separates these two capital cities is shorter than the distance between Phoenix, Arizona and Salt Lake City,  Utah (623 miles). Germany also makes some of the products that the United Kingdom loves to import such as medicines and cars (got to love that German engineering). These reasons are big enough reasons to make Germany the top trading partner with the United Kingdom. The United States came in a close second and China was not far behind in third. These two would of course not be because of geography but for other reasons like politics or power in the trading market.