The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Resource Four: Entrepreneurial Ability

For an entrepreneur there are a lot of factors that go into deciding if a country is right to start your business. What many would say is the number one factor is economic freedom. The ability to sell or do almost anything ethical without having to deal with too much heat from the government of the country you are based in. The United Kingdom has a pretty alright economy as far as most countries go. This is what draws the attention of the entrepreneur but what sells it to them is the details. The United Kingdom has a higher GDP then every other country in the world save the United States of America. That means that the little island that is the United Kingdom has a higher GDP than the entire European Union and higher than China. The type of government run over there is labeled by the United States as "constitutional monarchy and commonwealth realm" what exactly does this mean though?

In order to fully understand one must break it down. First off, a "constitutional monarchy" means one person (a monarch) acts as a head of state and rules within the parameters set by the government. This is similar to the presidency of the United States in the fact that one person is in charge of an entire section of government. This person is then kept in check by rules and regulations set by the government around him or her. In the United States this is called "checks and balances." Now to break down the second part. A "commonwealth realm" is a country that has a queen as its monarch according to the official website of the British monarchy.

The commonwealth realm in a sense is a union of many countries who all service one queen. The current realm consists of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, and many others. Because they are all ruled by a queen they are all members of the commonwealth realm.

So in a sense the style of government is a country that is in a union with many other powerful countries in the world that all abide a single queen but has its own person who acts like the president does in the United States. The government is based off of the common law traditions derived from Roman times with modern continental influences. The governing body is known as Parliament. Parliament acts like a combination of the judicial and legislative branches do for the United States in the sense that they create the laws of the land and enforce them. The country is currently 9.088 trillion dollars in debt, second only to the United States but dwarfed by the United States at the same time. The currency is the British pound which has a -.694 exchange rate to the U.S. dollar, the highest it has been in at least the last five years.