The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Imports and Exports

The United Kingdom imports more than it exports. The total imports for the United Kingdom in 2009 equaled 483.9 billion dollars. Many of these imports were things such as medicines, cars, crude oil, aircraft equipment, telecommunications equipment, engines and motors, and  inorganic/ nuclear acids. Most of their crude oil and natural gas comes from themselves but they also import Norwegian gas, Russian gas, and LNG gas. This information coming from "" The top importing partner is Germany. Germany supplies many good that the United Kingdom relies on to keep its economy moving forward. Automobiles would be one of these things. Cars are the United Kingdom's third most imported item behind medicine and petroleum / crude oil.  Other importing partners include: The United States in second, China in third, The Netherlands in fourth, and France in fifth. India came in at 18 and Japan came in at 12. Most of the countries on this list are based in Europe and have agreed to the European Union. This union lifted all trading barriers that existed between the countries in Europe. The United Kingdom is among countries involved, making it much easier to trade within Europe's borders and making it easier to call countries like France and Germany top trading partners because of their geographical location in comparison to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom was originally in the European Economic Community (EEC) which evolved into the EU a short time ago.

The United Kingdom exports were much less than their imports in 2009. This is the same as it is every year with most countries that are considered developed. The United Kingdom's exports totaled 356.2 billion dollars in 2009. This is 127.7 billion less than their total imports. Some of the goods that the United Kingdom imports are: medicines, petrol, cars, other oils, engines / motors, aerospace, telecoms, inorganic compounds, measuring analyzing, and alcoholic beverages. A lot of these products seem similar to those that the United Kingdom imports. This is mostly because of the EU and unrestricted trade. Countries can share their products and progress quickly, together instead of keeping them for themselves and progressing slowly, separately. The top exporting partner is not a surprise. The United States buys most of what the United Kingdom has to offer. These two countries trade with each other often because the United Kingdom is the mother county to the United States and the two have very similar politics. They are allies in every sense of the word. Other top exporting partners include: Germany in second, France in third, The Netherlands in fourth, and The Irish Republic in fifth. China is 9th on the list while Japan is 15th and India is 16th. This shows a stronger sense of the power of the EU. 80% of the top five exporting partners of the United Kingdom are located in Europe. Below is a chart that shows the UK's exporting partners and just mow much they exported to them. This image came from the same site that provided the information on the trading partners and goods.