The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Resource One: Land

Land: Material on the surface of the earth on which plants can grow. A natural resource in economics.
The United Kingdom has approximately 243,610 sq. miles. About 241,930 sq. miles of the 243,610 is land. The
other 1680 sq. miles is water that surrounds the island country. According to the CIA's "World Fact-book" this is 79th largest in the list of the countries included. For comparison to any readers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom is approximately the size of Oregon, Oregon being slightly larger.

Of the land that the United Kingdom has only .2% are used for crops. This is important because of how impressive it becomes in perspective. The United Kingdom is able to produce over 60% of its own produce. In doing so they use 2% of the total workforce on the .2% of the land that is used for livestock and crops. This is also important because though the United Kingdom only uses .2% of their land for crops, 23% of their land is arable, meaning it could be used for crops if need be. The other 76% is used for many things, such as businesses, parks, and tourist attractions.

The United Kingdom has many natural resources that can be found on its land. Some of which include: coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, late, and arable land among many others. Among these resources, none are in the top ten of the country's exports. The United Kingdom does not like to export a lot of raw resources. According to the figure below the top export of the country is machinery. This suggests that the United Kingdom keeps a lot of their resources for building purposes. This is a good thing because of resources like coal, natural gas, and iron ore are kept in the country one must assume these are being used to create products, thereby creating jobs.  Of all the natural resources listed that the United Kingdom has only petroleum is listed on the top 10 exports. Petroleum, being a nice word for crude oil, is exported to many countries because the United Kingdom does not need as much as many countries.

These statistics would suggest that the United Kingdom is a good place to start a business as far as land goes. The top import for the country is food. One would assume much of this food comes from Germany, seeing at it is their top import and Germany is their top importing trader. This is very good to show the strength of the country because 60% of all agriculture consumed by the United Kingdom is grown in the country. With this information it would be wise to think one could make a good living if they could get a hold of some arable land and grow produce that the country would buy.